David Fischhoff

Vice President Technology Strategy and Development, Monsanto Company

Dr. Fischhoff’s strategic insight from his leadership role in the areas of technology strategy, new technology acquisition, management of the R&D portfolio, and intellectual property, makes him a key member of the Nidus STC.  Since 1983 Dr. Fischhoff has held multiple positions at Monsanto in biotechnology research and business development. Dr. Fischhoff invented and developed insect resistant transgenic crop plants and co-invented the “synthetic gene” technology for expression of Bt genes in plants, which was the breakthrough that made possible Monsanto’s highly successful insect resistant biotech traits.  Dr. Fischhoff also initiated and led Monsanto’s plant genomics research program. From 1998 through 2002 he was President of Cereon Genomics, a Monsanto subsidiary, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cereon Genomics was a collaborative research venture between Monsanto and Millennium Pharmaceuticals and functioned as Monsanto’s primary genomics research center.

Today, Dr Fischhoff is a driving force for scientific research and a champion of the Monsanto Fellows program – creating an environment of scientific thought and exchange and harnessing this community to study issues such as global warming and biofuels.

Dr. Fischoff holds a bachelors degree in Biology from M.I.T. and a Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Rockefeller University.