Dror Elhassid

Dror Elhassid is an Entrepreneur in Residence who joined the Nidus Partners organization in 2011 and is currently focused on working with portfolio company X-tend Energy LLC as a Materials Scientist.  In this role Dror utilizes his eight plus years of experience with powder and nano-material production technologies as X-tend Energy develops high performance electrochemical materials for lithion-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

Operating Experience

Dror has a track record of successfully scaling up newly developed technologies.  He played a central role with start-up company AP Materials as a Research and Development Manager where he was key to developing optimization and scale-up of a new materials synthesis process for producing non-tantalum for electric capacitors.  AP Materials was acquired by Cabot Corporation and Dror continued with that organization as a Research and Metallurgical Engineer.

More recently, Dror was with Iscar Cutting Tools in Tefen, Israel where he had responsibility as a Laboratory Manager and Quality Assurance Manager with the company before returning to the United States to join X-tend Energy LLC.

Dror received a B.S. with Honors in Materials Science, Metallurgical Engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.