Bia Henriques Thomas, Ph.D.

Bia Henriques Thomas is an Entrepreneur in Residence with Nidus Partners who brings energy related academic research as well as industry experience to the organization.  Bia will initially focus on the evaluation of energy related business opportunities and assist in the derisking process of technologies in the pipeline or portfolio.

Operating Experience

Most recently, Bia was a Process Control and Process Engineer at Confluence Solar Inc., in St. Louis where she worked  on a number of initiatives to improve design and optimize processes including implementing a model of predictive control and a control strategy to increase reliability in order to reduce operator intervention.  At AGEnergy, she provided chemical engineering and construction oversight at a corn to ethanol plant.  In engineering roles at Emerson Process Management and Monsanto Company, Bia has performed a variety of duties including designing control systems for industrial processes and assisting in the design and optimization of a dry grind corn to ethanol processing plant at Southern Illinois University.

Bia has multiple publications and has made numerous presentations, including international talks in Brazil, Portugal and the Ukraine.  Additionally, she acted as a Teaching Assistant at Washington University for three years. A native of Brazil, she is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish as well as English.

Bia received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering,  M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D.  in Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.