Nidus Partners Launches Next Phase of Growth; Agribusiness Veteran Larry Clarke Joins Team

August 5, 2015

St. Louis, MO — Nidus Partners announced today the formation of Nidus 2.0, the next stage of growth for the partnership that has successfully driven market development and value creation for portfolio companies in the agriculture, biotech and energy sectors. The primary focus for Nidus 2.0 is supporting expanded commercialization of the current portfolio, while continuing to build strategic engagements with external partners to evaluate new opportunities.

As a part of this growth strategy, Nidus announced that Larry Clarke, who has more than 30 years experience in agribusiness, joined the partnership. Clarke brings strategic and operational experience from leading agribusiness companies, including Bunge North America, and EGT, LLC. Clarke’s international agribusiness knowledge of Asia, Europe, South America and the US, will further expand Nidus’ global focus. Clarke will also serve as CEO for Nidus portfolio company Glucan Biorenewables.

For the past five years, Nidus Partners has raised more than $24 million in financing and grants in the US and Europe, under the leadership of the managing partners, Ted Briscoe, Victoria Gonzalez and Mich Hein. The Nidus companies, all founded in St. Louis, now operate in the United States, Germany, Denmark and India.

Nidus was formed in 2010 to identify, evaluate and de-risk agriculture and energy technologies in collaboration with its three corporate limited partners. Nidus Partners reviewed more than 400 technologies, selecting seven with the most potential to secure capital and entrepreneurial talent for rapid commercialization. The Nidus Managing Partners and entrepreneurs continue to manage portfolio companies to realize returns for its investors, including the partnership.

“Nidus has six of its seven portfolio companies on the road to success,” said Tom Melzer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Rivervest Ventures Technologies. “You typically don’t see that success rate with early stage technology companies. It is a truly remarkable accomplishment and a great testament to the team’s ability to assess and address early commercialization risks.”

Briscoe, Clarke, Gonzalez and Dr. Hein will continue to lead the operational and financial activities of the existing portfolio to secure a return on investment and evaluate additional investment opportunities for Nidus Partners. The Nidus team is currently managing operations and financing for the following companies:

Electrochaea GmbH is the market leader in biological methanation for the generation of renewable natural gas and grid scale power storage. In March 2016 the Company will commission a commercial scale (1MegaWatt) [reactor] near Copenhagen, Denmark in partnership with Audi, HMN Gashandel, Hydrogenics, NEAS Energy, BIOFOS, and Audi.

AeroValve LLC is an innovator of pneumatic controls for industrial automation. In January 2016, the Company will introduce a new directional control valve that reduces compressed air in pneumatic actuation by 20-45%.

Terra Biologics LLC is conducting field trials for a proprietary bio-fertilizer comprised of naturally occurring microorganisms. The Terra Biologics process has demonstrated accelerated soil restoration and improved agricultural yields in regions with nitrogen poor soils or subject to sub-optimal agricultural practices.

Glucan Biorenewables LLC has developed a cost competitive TriVersa Process™ that produces chemicals and advanced biomaterials
from woodchips and other biomass using a solvent-based process.

NanoGuard LLC is commercializing a High Voltage Atmospheric Cold Plasma (HVACP) for use in food, produce, and grain industries to improve food safety, extend shelf life, and reduce spoilage.

PierianDx LLC is enabling personalized medicine through its Next Generation Sequencing service. Pierian’s SAAS platform has been deployed at leading academic medical centers, hospital systems, and commercial labs for cancer and inherited disorders, clinical genetic testing analysis, interpretation, and reporting.