Market Focus

Nidus is searching for technologies aligned with the global market needs of its Corporate Partners, with particular focus on opportunities that could address the needs of multiple partners.  While shifting market needs and corporate business decisions can be expected to impact the Partnership’s focus over time, Nidus’ portfolio is intended to allow sharing of risk across technologies.

Nidus is focused on sourcing and commercializing transformative energy technologies.   The Partnership is currently evaluating technologies that could improve sustainability and value creation in areas such as energy efficiency, energy conversion, storage as well as carbon capture.

Evolving markets and regulatory frameworks are creating opportunities. Our technology pipeline includes innovations in fields such as biomass conversion, renewable biochemicals, gasification, renewable energy, bioelectrohemical conversion, predictive modeling and energy storage.

The partnership is seeking new processing technologies, including chemical and biological methods that could enable carbon capture, as well as information and systems management tools to improve the efficiency of existing energy infrastructure.  Examples include novel means of generating renewable fuels and efficiencies, or financial tools to identify and capture value in evolving energy markets.