Financial Partners

Investing in the Nidus Partnership gives corporations, organizations and individuals the ultimate benefit: participating in the commercialization of exciting new technologies that provide a return on investment.

In addition, corporations gain a competitive advantage by accessing early technology, interacting with other market leaders at a strategic level and developing top talent.

Limited Partners

Global corporations such as Monsanto and Bunge are Nidus Limited Partners. They collaborate with other market leaders on the Strategic Technology Council to provide insight into selecting the most promising technologies.

In addition to providing capital, Nidus limited partners share their strategic and technical understanding of the marketplace. They offer guidance on regulatory processes, intellectual property barriers and technology requirements for future commercial applications.

About Bunge Limited
Bunge Limited (, NYSE: BG) is a leading global agribusiness and food company with approximately 32,000 employees in more than 30 countries. Bunge buys, sells, stores and transports oilseeds and grains to serve customers worldwide; processes oilseeds to make protein meal for animal feed and edible oil products for commercial customers and consumers; produces sugar and ethanol from sugarcane; mills wheat and corn to make ingredients used by food companies; and sells fertilizer in North and South America. Founded in 1818, the company is headquartered in White Plains, New York.

About Monsanto Company
Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. Monsanto remains focused on enabling both small-holder and large-scale farmers to produce more from their land while conserving more of our world’s natural resources such as water and energy. To learn more about our business and our commitments, please visit: Follow our business on Twitter at, on Facebook at, or subscribe to our News Release RSS Feed.

About Novozomes
Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation.  The company researches, develops and manufactures industrial enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Together with customers across a broad array of industries Novozymes creates tomorrow’s industrial biosolutions, improving its customers’ business and the use of our planet’s resources.

With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes’ bioinnovations increase industrial performance and safeguard the world’s resources by offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s ever-changing marketplace. Read more at