Electrochaea in Consortium to Launch Commericial Power-to-Gas Demonstration Project in Denmark

June 10, 2014

Electrochaea LLC’s Danish subsidiary Electrochaea.dk ApS is a member of a pan-European BioCat Consortium that has launched a commercial scale power-to-gas demonstration project in Denmark.  The 1-MW facility will use excess wind energy to produce pipeline-grade renewable gas for storage in the Danish natural gas grid.  The project budget is 6.7 Million Euros, or 9 Million USD.  Once operational, it will be the largest power-to-gas facility based on biological methanation in the worl

The BioCat project is led by a high-profile consortium covering the entire value chain of power-to-gas energy storage:

is a leading technology developer in the field of biological methanation and is acting as the project supervisor

Hydrogenics Europe N.V. – the world’s leading manufacturer of hydrogen systems for industry, energy storage and transportation

AUDI AG – one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of premium automobiles

NEAS Energy A/S – Danish energy trader and balance responsible party (BRP)

HMN Gashandel A/S – Danish energy service and gas distribution company managing gas grids, biogas upgrading plants and grid injection facilities

BIOFOS A/S – publicly owned wastewater treatment facility and biogas producer in Copenhagen

Insero Business Services A/S – a consulting firm dedicated to start-up companies specializing in project development, administration.

For more details on the project please see the press release at:  Press Release 20140610- Launch of BioCat Project (1)