AeroValve Inventor Michael Goldfarb Named by ‘Popular Mechanics’ as one of “Ten Innovators Who Changed The World” for 2013

November 8, 2013

Nidus portfolio company AeroValve LLC’s inventor and CTO receives recognition by Popular Mechanics who named Michael Goldfarb, H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering, one of its “Ten Innovators Who Changed The World” for 2013.

Goldfarb, who develops robotic adaptive equipment for people with disabilities, and his former graduate student Ryan Farris were recognized for the Indego, an exoskeleton they developed at Vanderbilt to help paraplegics stand and walk. Farris now works for motion control technology company Parker Hannifin, which has licensed Goldfarb’s technology and hopes to bring a mass-produced exoskeleton to rehab facilities and then to consumers in the next few years.

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