AeroValve LLC Receives $750k National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II Grant

August 28, 2013

AeroValve LLC, St. Louis, MO has been awarded an SBIR Phase II Grant from the National Science Foundation in the amount of $750,000.  The grant will enable AeroValve to extend their research and development efforts of the company beyond the initial prototype stage, to include enhanced product development and testing as well as field testing in a manufacturing environment.

AeroValve LLC is a pneumatic valve company with innovative energy saving technology that reduces wasteful venting of compressed air to atmosphere through recycling.  This enhanced valve reduces compressed air used by 20% or more, providing an energy efficient and sustainable solution that is cost competitive with current pneumatic valves.

Research efforts under the Phase II grant will include an expansion of the company’s  prototype designs across commercially available valves, research on safety enhancements, life-cycle testing, and a full-scale field test in a manufacturing environment.

“We appreciate the continued NSF support as we move AeroValve’s technology toward its full commercial potential,” said Ellen Mell, Principal Investigator and VP, AeroValve LLC.

AeroValve LLC is a portfolio company of Nidus Partners, St. Louis, Missouri